My Experience: Got listed In Google’s Hall of fame

The dream of every White Hat Hacker and Bug hunter is to get Hall Of Fame Acknowledgment by World’s IT Giant Google. No introduction needed about Google. And so was my aim to get a place in Google’s Hall of fame and to qualify for their VRP which are only for Security Researcher. I started my Journey in White Hat quite a little back ago as I loved to crack Top Companies website in my free time and to break things for positive aspects.

Google being quite secured, required lots of Hard work and Dedication to making a way through it. Initially, before two months I reported a bug to Google, but unfortunately, it was a `Duplicate` though it was valid, but Duplicates are not considered Eligible either for Reward nor for Acknowledgment according to Google’s terms. So I researched and found out one more bug and reported it to Google, but bad luck hovered on my head, and it was also considered `Duplicate`.

Moreover, I again Hunted one more bug and Reported, but that was also a `duplicate` issue given by Google. I was sure that the bug could not be duplicated because it was quite a creative and had a more significant impact which Google couldn’t keep unpatch. But still, the thing didn’t escalate as Google were firm in their Decision. I had the following quote in Mind.

                                           “Persistence can change failure into Extraordinary achievement.”

So, I reported these bugs to Google Security Team and kept my Fingers crossed, and the reply came in 5 Hours ?Blazing much. And this time a positive response and I sent some more information with video too and yes they fixed everything quick.

                         “Success is Not Final; Failure is not Fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I genuinely thank the Excellent Security Team of Google and their quick response. There is nothing better than Google, and the feeling after getting acknowledged by Google is itself Immense. Would continue to keep Hunting on Google and helping their Web applications safe.! It’s like A dream come true.

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